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Hydro Excavation

George Agas

Hydrovac Coordinator

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Hydro Excavation is a method of precise excavation that has several benefits. It is safe and causes no damage to the surrounding infrastructure and landscape. Using high pressure water the soil is broken up. As it is “cut”, it is sucked up into the vehicle’s debris tank utilizing a large blower system that creates the suction needed to allow the mud to travel into the debris tank. This type of excavation allows for safe digging around hydro, fiber optic cable, gas lines, communication cables, water lines and sewer lines. 

What Are The Benefits?

Cost Savings

More efficient than traditional methods. It also eliminates the risk of damages to utilities which can be life threatening and/or expensive to repair.


Allows digging and the removal of soil in a safer manner for both labourers and citizens nearby. "Soft" excavation allows for precise digging around live utilities.


Fast and efficient method of excavation. Utility locates can be as small as 1 square foot.

Environmentally Friendly

This type of excavation also reduces the chances of damage to trees. Most municipalities require hydrovac excavation within the "drip line" of any tree.